Hello and thank you for visting our page. The animals and the people of Freedom Ride Farms are happy to have you with us on our Journey. Freedom Ride Farms was created in August of 2018 after seeing a dynamic relationship where people and rescue animals come together. These blog postings will serve as a dedication to our animals and the people who have touched their lives. Every animal that comes to live at the sanctuary is unique. Their stories may at times bring a tear to your eye, but warmth to your heart. Animals are sentient beings with their own set of individual needs and emotional requirements. Much like people they need to be free of judgment and an encouragement to live their best lives every day. Freedom Ride encourages expressions of positivity and growth, however, small or large those goals might be. A connection with an animal encourages a relationship that drowns out the noise of the world and focuses on our true selves. Only when we shed the past can we move forward. Understanding that animals have different needs with consideration to their species and background is crucial to their development and happiness. We learn something new every day! We only need to tap into our imagination, have an open mind, and listen. Listen with our whole sensory capabilities. The smell of fresh sawdust and a clean barn means a warm, restful place to a horse. No pasture bullies exist in the barn. It’s where we all come together as one. Living, breathing creatures placed on this earth for a primary purpose to learn and grow. That brings us to the new addition to the farm and her story.

Bitty is a pot belly pig. Bitty came to the farm after her owner, a young child, was killed in a house fire in Beaverton, MI. Bitty found herself in a loving home, but was angry and was lashing out at the people who had taken her in. She posed a risk to those people due to her biting and aggression. When Bitty arrived at the farm, we could see she was emotionally distraught. Bitty missed her owner and didn’t understand why she was in a new home. By encouraging Bitty to go back to her roots and introducing her to the other pigs on the farm, she discovered who she was. We spent several days of listening to Bitty fight and carry on with the pigs on the farm. She would come into the house at night and sulk before drifting off to sleep. Soon Bitty learned that having pig friends and people friends was a huge advantage. See her previous owner had taught her all the comforts of living in a home and at Freedom Ride Farms she could do both. She quickly learned how to use the dog door to go in and out of the house. Although, Bitty exhibited behaviors like a human and like a dog it was important to nurture who she is. A pig. Pigs are curious and need to have activities that they enjoy. Rooting around in the back yard and going on daily treasure hunts in search of buried treats stimulates their mind and understanding that some pigs are larger and require a gentle approach. Bitty quickly learned how to be nice and develop her social structure as a pig. Inside the home, Bitty soon discovered that by practicing patience and kindness her world would ensure that she had all the comforts needed. Today Bitty spends her days in the yard exploring. When it is cold, or getting dark, she comes in the house and jumps into a nice cozy bed surrounded by humans who like to snuggle. Bitty still misses her little girl every day, but she is now well adjusted and no longer biting, or attacking the people trying to help her. She relishes every day she gets to be herself.

As people, we often get frustrated with our surroundings and the expectations of a world that is not always kind, or understanding. By encouraging our inner selves and nurturing the child within we return to our roots, much like Bitty and emerging stronger and healthier ready to form new relationships. If you are struggling today spend some time with yourself and listen to what your heart and soul needs. It may be something completely unexpected. Drown out the noise of the world with true introspection. It is when we recognize and nurture our true selves that we can be at peace. Free to love…Free to grow…and Free to Ride.