Our Animal Friends

Featured Friends


1986 – 2018

Rose was the first rescue horse that started it all! She taught us that, no matter what you have been through in your life, one day you will make a connection that heals the old wounds. We miss her.


Hoggle belonged to a little boy who’s family was forced to move. When Hoggle arrived on the farm he weighed 350 pounds. 250 pounds over what is healthy for him. He was unable to see and had a hard time walking. Today Hoggle is down to 200 pounds and continues to work on his health, and can see again!


Miniature Pony

Little Mighty is loaded with love and curiosity. He enjoys trail walks and exploration.


Zayden came to the farm as a bottle baby. He lived inside the house for the first two months. To this day he believes goats should be able to come inside with the people.


Wilma came to the farm after she wound up in a feed lot auction scheduled for slaughter. She traveled here from South Dakota. Wilma loves treats and enjoys a good brushing.

Merlin & Karl

Alpacas that desperately needed a sheering and dental work. Their were too many animals at their last farm so they came to hang out at the sanctuary.


Duke loves to horse around in his hay.  Duke arrived at the farm at just 1 week old. Duke was born to a mare that was already promised to a foster baby. Duke was rescued by Last Chance Corral in Ohio. Duke is a Nurse Mare Foal who would have died had it not been for the amazing rescue team.  


Ludo came to the farm after a young couple with a baby purchased him. He was living in a house and begin acting out and knocking down the baby.  He now enjoys naps and belly rubs!


Misty the mini traveled all the way from Alaska with her baby boy Mighty. She loves kids and can pull a cart.


Bitty came to the farm after her owner, a young child, was killed in a house fire in Beaverton, MI. Bitty still misses her little girl every day, but she is now well adjusted and no longer biting, or attacking the people trying to help her. She relishes every day she gets to be herself.


17.2 hand Percheron, cross-traveled all the way from North Pole, Alaska. Bleu was part of an tourist trail ride business. However, after falling into a mud pit and being chased by a grizzly bear he was so frightened they needed to replace him. He has resided on the farm for seven years and finds Michigan to be a much safer place to live.

Ludo & Sara

Ludo – black and white came to the farm after his owners discovered having a pig is a lot more work than expected. Ludo enjoys warm days and belly rubs.

Sara- White arrived with her duck friend Tobi after her family was forced to move due to divorce. Tobi and Sara have been inseparable on the farm. Sara adores kids and loves to snuggle.