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About Us

About Our Sanctuary

Horseback riding gives individuals with special needs the freedom that defies the disabilities.

When riding, students are free from braces, crutches, wheelchairs, and disabilities.

Participants are physically and emotionally challenged to develop relationships with farm animals that support therapy in a natural environment.

These animals deserve a safe and loving home.

Your support helps us to provide for the animals and the participants of our farm. Your contribution not only feeds and cares for the animals. It provides services and equipment for disabled individuals and at risk youth. By fostering relationships with the animals we strengthen our veterans, our youth and our community.

Enrollment fees pays for food for the animals, veterinary care, and helps with therapeutic riding programs throughout the season.

Therapeutic Riding

Theraputic riding relaxes muscles, builds confidence and self-esteem. Participants are paired with a certified riding instructor and two side walker volunteers. Riding sessions are in 30 minute increments. Students will learn balance, general horse care, and grooming of the animals, and how to form a bond with their equine partner.

Sensory Trail

Freedom Ride Farms is located on 35 acres. Escape into a fun-filled trail system that provides sensory stations along the way. Students will build problem-solving skills, muscle development and control with increased coordination.

Farm Animal Time

If a horse is just too much for the student right now. Freedom Ride Farms offers assistive support through building relationships with goats, alpacas, miniature pigs, miniature ponies, cats and dogs. Students learn about caring for and grooming the animals. They also learn about animal behavior and how to make the most of their relationship with their farm animal friend.


Learning to grow through planting and caring for their parcel. Students are encouraged to select their vegetable and flower choices and learn to enjoy getting dirty.

Service Fees

FRF is a non-profit organization and all proceeds are utilized for care of the animals, staffing, and maintenance of the facility.

General Fees

With the exception of Kid’s Club, therapeutic riding sessions are $25.00 per hour. Participants can pick and choose what they would like to take part in. All other services $10.00 per hour.

Depending on ability your session will include an instructor and a side walker. You will learn how to properly groom, tack, ride and care for your horse. All participants must wear the provided helmet (no exceptions).

Limited mobility will include two side walkers for safety purposes.

Kids Club Fees

Day Camp is limited to 12 participants ages 10 – 17

$300.00 per participant (sibling discount available)

Kids Club begins at 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday –Friday.

All participants must have long sleeve shirts, long pants, boots or shoes with ¼” heel.

Donations are available for scholarship funding. Participants are encouraged to apply for scholarships if they are unable to pay.